I Hate Fairyland Drawing

February 02, 2018
According to my sketchbook it's been two years since I last drew something. Ridiculous!

Last week I went to a life drawing class with a pal from work (I suck at drawing people but it's fun to try something new), and it spurred me on to try some proper drawings. Though so you can see how bad my nude drawings are, here's a wee collage of everything I did.

Nude drawings

I recently read the I Hate Fairyland graphic novels, and the art style in them is just awesome. I took a couple of photos on my phone because I knew how cool it would be to draw them, and a couple of nights ago I got my butt in gear.

I Hate Fairyland drawing

I drew the outline in pencil, went over it with a drawing pen, and then coloured it in with normal colouring in pencils. I'm really happy with how it looks! I'm not always amazing at colouring stuff in and making it look like it has any depth or anything, but I think this turned out not too bad.

I definitely need to draw more, and try out different things again. I used to be alright at trying different stuff, but crochet has sort of taken over lately!

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