Four Square Baby Blanket

February 23, 2018
Oh hey, it's me again, with another baby blanket! I seriously can't help myself. One of my workmates was going off to have a baby, so I decided to get my crochet on.

As always, trying to mix it up so I'm not making the same blanket over and over again, I went with four large granny square, which were 15 rounds each, and then joined them all together. I finished it with a three round of treble crochet, a round of double crochet, and a row of scallop border, all in white. This time I just did four stitches in each cluster to make the scallop border instead of the five stitches I used for the rainbow baby blanket I made because I thought it was a bit squashed! Though I'm not sure it looks do different, but at least it worked up faster!

Four square granny blanket.

Four square granny blanket.

Four square granny blanket.

This was another stash busting blanket using my DK stash, and I actually managed to finish off a few balls, which is another bonus!

I've already given it to the recipient, and she loved it, which always makes crafting presents totally worth it!

I have one more person at work whose wife is having a baby soon, so the blanket for them is already in the planning, but I've got a couple of months before I need to finish that one!

Yarn Used:
  • Stylecraft Special DK:
    • Sherbert.
    • Gold.
    • Silver.
    • Apricot.
    • Spring Green.
  • Robin DK:
    • Acid Yellow.
    • Cordial.
    • Red.
    • Storm.
    • Lemon.
    • Spearmint.
    • Pink.
    • Violet.
    • White.
  • Rico Basic Acrylic:
    • Neon Orange.
  • Hayfield Baby Sparkle DK:
    • Little Mermaid.
  • Hayfield Bonus DK:
    • Fluro.
    • Bright Orange.
  • King Cole Shine DK:
    • Earthy.
  • Woolcraft Baby Care Prints DK:
    • Ballerina.

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