Wedding Cross Stitch Hoop

November 29, 2017
I've had another bout of no blogging, but I've been busy crafting away behind the scenes with lots of pressies and Christmas stuff. It's taken me a while to getting around to blogging about it all, but lets get started! First up I made this cute wedding cross stitch for my friends Tara and Blair, who came all the way over from Canada to get married in Edinburgh!

To make the pattern for this I used my trusty cross stitch writing tool, and for the rings at the tops I used an element of this pattern, which I had purchased already for another present. I thought I had them lined up in the centre of the text, but when I had finished them, they definitely look totally off-centre, which is quite annoying! I also stitched them in metallic thread, which was the worst decision!

Wedding cross stitch

Wedding cross stitch

I've started properly washing and pressing my cross stitch pieces before I frame them, and they definitely look a lot better for it!

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