Settlers of Catan Game Bags

October 18, 2017
Ages ago, my friend Chris showed me a picture of some cool wee felt bags that he had seen online, which were designed to keep game pieces for the game Settlers of Catan in. I was like, "I could make those easily," but it has taken me until now to actually get my butt in gear and make them!

It's really hard to get a sewing machine set up around a toddler, and the fact it was my brand new sewing machine that I got for Christmas last year, I actually had to spend some time learning to use it before I could jump in.

To make them, I simply cut rectangles of felt from Hobbycraft to what looked like roughly the right size, and then sewed a little gully at the top and bottom of the piece, which would hold the drawstring later. Then I sewed up both side, turned it inside out, and we're done! Finally, I fed the thin chord through the gap at the top of the bags, and tied wee knots in the ends.

Board game piece bags

Board game piece bags

Board game piece bags

I just decided to sew them all in white thread, as I thought it looked quite neat and nice, and I also thought I was pushing it attempting six colour swaps and bobbin threading on my first sewing machine outing!

My new sewing machine was amazing to use! It was so smooth and quiet, and threading it was ridiculously quick. I am really hoping I will have far less arguments with this one than I did with my old one.

I'm impressed with how the bags turned out. They are so neat, which makes a massive change from my usual sewing machine outputs!

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