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September 01, 2017
I have not posted in what feels like forever, even though I have been busy crafting away. I've been making lots of presents again, for housewarmings and engagement parties, and I'm currently in the middle of crocheting three adult and one baby Magikarp hats for some friends of a friend, so my craft basket has been full, but my blog has been empty!

But I've finally been dishing out some of those presents, so I can finally blog about them! Yay!

First up, we went to the engagement party of our mates Gina and Jason a couple of weeks ago. Gina is massively into crafts herself, so I knew I definitely wanted to make her something. As she and Jason have some wee ex-rescue hens that they keep in their back garden, I thought something chicken themed might be quite cute.

I found this pattern for a chicken potholder on Pinterest (which is a video tutorial that walks you through the process very clearly) and I knew Twinkie Chan's Crocheted Abode a la Mode also had a lovely egg pot holder/dishcloth pattern in it. To make up a wee set, I also decided to make the coffee cup from Twinkie Chan's pattern set.

I was really lucky when I went to buy the yarn for these, as Hobbycraft had a 3 for 2 on most of their yarn, and their WI home cotton yarn was only £2 a ball anyway. Bargain. Though they didn't have any red yarn, so I bought some pink to use in its place, and I also used black in place of dark brown.

All three patterns worked up lovely, even though I'm not usually keen on working with cotton yarn. The one that was the most complicated was the coffee cup, as I kept getting the counting on the handle wrong (I think I eventually just made it up to suit what I was trying to do/make it look right), and all the surface stitching took a while, but the finished product obviously made it worth it.

Crochet pot holders

Crochet pot holders

Crochet pot holders

Crochet pot holders

I popped a wee note in with the parcel to make them aware the pot holders were made of cotton yarn and could deal with the heat, and also how to wash them, as kitchen stuff is always going to get dirty!

Yarn Used:
  • The Women's Institute Home Cotton:
    • Black.
    • Dark Pink.
    • White.
    • Blue.
    • Yellow.
    • Cream.

Ravelry project page for chicken.

The Ravelry project page for egg and coffee cup.

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