Star Wars Cross Stitch

July 19, 2017
I've gone from not crafting very much to having so many things finished in the space of a couple of weeks! Phew!

This time I've was asked cross stitch for a friend's wedding, which took place at the weekend. The bride asked me to make her a Star Wars cross stitch of Han Solo and Princess Leia saying the iconic, "I love you....I know."

I asked her to have a look through Etsy for the perfect pattern, and she picked this cute one. It's a perfect pattern because there's hardly any backstich! Yay!

I stitched it up on some light grey Aida so that Princess Leia's dress would stand out on it's own.

Star Wars cross stitch

Then I popped it in a nice white frame with a mount, which I added some cute stickers to, to personalise it a little bit.

Star Wars cross stitch

Star Wars cross stitch

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