Hopscotch Baby Blanket

July 14, 2017
And here we have yet another present for a co-worker's baby, though this is the last one, for the moment at least!

This one is for Jen, who sits in the same room as me at work, and I knew I wanted to make her something super cute.

I choose the hopscotch blanket pattern by Little Things Blogged because it looked so lush! I just went out and bought the yarn for it without actually making sure I could make the pattern, which was maybe a bit daft, as I got a bit stuck when I first started making it!

The pattern is written in filet terms, which is something I had never heard of before and was totally confusing when I first started the blanket! I thought about quitting a few times as I worked up that first yellow section. But once I had worked through the pattern once, it just clicked and made total sense. The pattern isn't written badly or anything, it's just written differently to regular crochet patterns, which can make it a little hard for your brain to wrap around.

I think there are definitely mistakes in that first yellow section, but I always made sure all the gaps lined up, as that's what makes the pattern look correct. So there may be a couple of extra treble crochets between the gaps (I found some of the row ends a bit off when I started), but the gaps are all right. And after that first section, it was pretty much plain sailing. If the pattern looks too scary for you, someone did write the pattern up in a more traditional crochet style, but by the time this link appeared I was almost done, so I just kept with it.

Crochet baby blanket

Crochet baby blanket

Crochet baby blanket

I love the way this blanket looks, it's so different from any blanket I've done so far, and it was really fun to make. It seemed to take me forever though because I couldn't just learn the pattern, I had to keep referencing it to make sure those gaps were going to be in the right place. And it was made up using a 3.5mm hook, so it was a bit fiddly.

If you like the look of this pattern, go for it, it's actually really easy and is just made up of treble crochets and chains. I'm glad I wasn't put off when I was stressing out at the beginning.

Yarn Used:
  • Robin Double Knit:
    • White.
    • Pink.
    • Lemon.
    • Spearmint.

Ravelry project page.

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