BB-8 Crochet Lovey

July 12, 2017
There are a lot of babies going on at my work right now, and everyone is roughly due around the same time, which means a lot of crafting for me. One of the developers at my work has just had a baby with his girlfriend, so I decide to make them a little something. I know he's a little geeky, so I thought this super cute BB-8 Crochet Lovely was a great choice!

Now this pattern is a wee bit complicated, in that it wasn't an actual pattern, but a photo of a finished project someone posted on imgur. In the comments, they said that they used this pattern for BB-8's head, and then this pattern for the circle square granny squares. Both patterns were really easy to work up, which was brilliant!

I could not get the squares to look exactly like they did in the finished version, so I just made four squares according to the pattern, joined them together, and then did a couple of rows of white and a row of orange in between to give it a nice border. Then I just sewed the head into the middle of the four squares.

BB-8 crochet lovey

BB-8 crochet lovey

BB-8 crochet lovey

I really hope everyone knows what he's supposed to be when they look at him, as it might look a bit random if they can't figure it out! I think the colours are pretty distinctive, so hopefully, it's all fine!

Yarn Used:
  • Robin Bonny Babe Aran:
    • White.
  • Caron Simply Soft:
    • Black.
  • Stylecraft Special Aran:
    • Graphite.
  • Vanna's Choice Lion Brand:
    • Terracotta.

Ravelry project page.

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