I Heart Gin Cross Stitch

April 02, 2017
I am crafting away, I swear, but I'm making quite a lot of stuff I can't show off quite yet, so my blog is looking rather blank.

However, my friend Eleanor got married at the weekend, and I did whip her up this cute wee wedding present. I learned on her hen do that both her and her now husband are super keen on gin. I had a cross stitch kit that came with a cute frame that said I heart tea or I heart gin pattern, so I obviously went with the gin option!

I've actually made a few I heart gin cross stitches before, so I knew they were really fast to work up. 

So here's the finished piece!

I love gin cross stitch

I love gin cross stitch

I tried to make really small folds in my fabric this time, so I didn't have to actually iron the finished project. I just rolled it over with a lint roller a few times and it was ready to frame. However, I think I only got away with that because it was so small! I am cross stitching a huge project just now and it's so crumpled I know it's going to need a lot of ironing.

I've been reading more about finishing my projects and making them look nice. Some places say to wash them then iron them on the reverse (with a towel over the stitches), but I had read the instructions on this kit and it suggested just ironing and using a lint roller to get rid of any fluff and stuff, because washing the project might make the colours run. I actually saw someone post a photo on Instagram where all their colours has run, so I think I'll keep avoiding washing things for fear of this happening. Imagine all that work going to waste!

This is also the first thing I've made this year that goes towards my New Year's list this year...which doesn't bode well for the rest of the list if I'm honest.

This project is a step towards completing my New Year's List. You can check out my progress here.

  • Clear as many craft kits as possible.

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