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January 04, 2017
If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen I got a lovely parcel of yarn from Lion Brand Yarn a few weeks ago. The parcel contained 12 balls of Vanna's Choice, which is a lush yarn I have used before in a couple of projects. I got to pick which 12 colours I was going to receive, so I tried to pick colours I didn't already have in my stash so I would have a wider range of colours on hand.

Lion Brand Vanna's Choice yarn 

The first project I tackled with these beauties was a scarf for my Dad. I don't craft for my Dad as much I do other members of my family, but I thought a few of the colours I picked would work well for a men's scarf.

I used this Ribbed Scarf pattern by C.L. Halvorson which was super easy to follow and made a lovely, chunky, squishy, ribbed scarf.

The pattern suggested working for 25 rows to finish it off, but I decided to make it slightly bigger so I could do a big stripe in the middle. I did 5 rows in the grey and the brown, then 10 rows of the green in the middle. I wanted to do 5 rows of the grey and the brown on the other side, but only managed 4 of the grey before I ran out of yarn. However, luckily due to the way the ribbing works (with rows looking like they alternate between flat rows and raised ribbed rows), the rows don't actually look the same, even when you have done the same amount of rows on either side, so I think I got away with it being one row short! For example, one of the brown sections has three raised ribbed rows while the other section only has two, even though they are both 5 rows wide.



I finished both sides of with a row of slip stitches through both loops of the last row just to make the edges look a bit neater.


And here's a dorky photo of me in the scarf so you can see it on a person!


This is such an easy pattern to work up, though as it's 200 stitches long, it's not something I found myself wanting to work on for a long period of time as it got a bit boring. So if you're going to make this for someone, I suggest starting it way in advance!

Yarn Used:
  • Lion Brand Vanna's Choice:
    • Patchwork Grey.
    • Barley.
    • Peacock.
Ravelry project page.

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