Pom-Pom Christmas Bauble

December 11, 2016
I have definitely calmed down in my Christmas ornament making in the last couple of years, but I saw this cute little kit to make a pom-pom bauble in Hobbycraft, and decided that one more ornament couldn't really hurt.

The kit was really easy to make, as you got a little polystyrene ball, and just had to glue the pom-poms to it, pop the ribbon on, and you were done.

However, my tacky glue would not work at all! The pom-poms kept falling off, so I decided to use my hot glue gun instead. Now, this did work brilliantly, as they stuck quickly and stayed on, but I did realise about halfway through that I was just melting the polystyrene ball underneath. Whoops!

Never mind though eh, because it worked and it looks super cute!

Pom-pom decoration.

Pom-pom decoration.

Pom-pom decoration.

So I have added this little cutie to the madness that is our Christmas tree! We are definitely running out of room!

This project is a step towards completing my New Year's List. You can check out my progress here.
  • Clear as many free and purchased craft kits as possible.

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