Ivy's Christmas Stocking

Last year, just before Ivy was due, I decided I wanted to make a set of stockings for me, Donald and the baby, that we would be able to use every Christmas, and that I would be able to add to if our family got any bigger.

While they turned out quite well (anytime I get together with a sewing machine there is a chance it'll go really wrong!), I just wasn't super happy with them. They are super cute for general Christmas decorations, but I wasn't sure if they were exactly what I wanted for Ivy to use for hopefully years to come.

So I decided to have another bash and crochet a stocking for Ivy this time. After a lot of research, I settled on this Fur Top Holiday Stocking by Jessie Rayot because I liked the cable effect.

For some reason even though I laid out the correct size crochet hook for this project (5.5mm), I ended up using a 5mm for it and didn't realise till about half way through. So it's possibly a wee bit smaller than it should be, but it's still more than big enough for the amount of sweets Ivy will ever be getting, so it's all good.

Ivy crochet stocking

Ivy crochet stocking

To do the fur edging I was supposed to use a 9mm hook, but I literally could not fit it through the stitches I had done, so I had to down-size to a 7mm hook instead. I also used 4 strands of the furry yarn I had for the edging as it wasn't quite as thick as the yarn listed in the pattern (and it still isn't, even with four strands, but it looks a lot better).

Ivy crochet stocking

I also decided to add her name to it, which I did using The Moogly Crochet Alphabet and The Moogly Lowercase Alphabet.

Ivy crochet stocking

I bought me and Donald some geeky stockings from the pound shop, a Spiderman one for me and a Star Wars one for Donald. And at least I know that if I do ever need to make anymore in the future, I can actually manage the pattern!

Yarn Used:
  • Caron Simply Soft:
    • Autumn Red.
  • Red Heart Soft:
    • Kiwi Green.
  • Ice Yarns Sale Eyelash:
    • White.
Raverly project page.

This project is a step towards completing my New Year's List. You can check out my progress here.
  • Craft for Ivy

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