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December 28, 2016
Christmas is upon us again and that means one thing - handmade gifts! I do love an excuse to make a little something for people, and it's so much easier to dream up something lovely to make someone than trying to find it in the shop.

First up this year we have my mum. I decided to make her a nice shawl/scarf, as I know she's a big fan of big scarfs, but not just in the winter. For that reason I didn't want to make a big, chunky scarf, and decided to go with a nice, lacy shawl instead, that can hopefully be worn more of the year.

I had originally picked another pattern for my shawl, but found it far too confusing once I got started. The pattern had really good reviews on Raverly, so clearly other people found it easy enough to understand, but my crocheting was never lining up with the place it was telling me to crochet into, so I swapped.

In the end I went for the My Friend Sheryl shawl by Rose Williams. Not only did it use the same weight of yarn as my original pattern, but it was also very easy to adapt to whatever size you wanted. As I had four balls of yarn, I decided to do the main body of the shawl until I had used up three balls, and then use the last ball to do the lace edging.




I gave it a light blocking when I was finished to try and make the lace edging stand out as much as possible, but really the yarn was actually quite good as showing off the shape anyway.


Here's a photo of me modelling it, so you can see what it's supposed to look like on. The edging looks lush!


This was super quick to work up, as it was just loads of triple crochets, and even the edging was really easy, but looks totally beautiful.

However, I did accidentally do one row of triple crochet and one row of double crochet around the finishing edge instead of two rows of double crochet, but I think it looks totally fine, and just means the edging is a little thicker than it probably should be.

Yarn Used:
  • Schachenmayr Originals Glanzperle:
    • Veilchen.
Raverly project page.

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