Crochet Cat Cushion

September 14, 2016
Last weekend I went to the leaving do of one of my mates Lisa, who is moving away to Newcastle to live with her boyfriend. She is a proper cat lady, so I decided I had to make her a leaving pressie, and it had to be cat based!

I found this awesome cat cushion on Raverly and thought it was the perfect housewarming present, as well as being super cute! Best of all, I have more than enough Aran weight yarn in my stash to just make it without buying any more!

I decided to make it all cute purples, blues and pinks, and use a nice peachy tone as the background colour. I also decided to stripe the back panel with all the colours I used for the cats on the front, as I thought it made it a bit more fun than just a plain square. Also I was worried I wouldn't have enough of any one colour to complete the back panel.

Finally, I did the joining round and the little mouse on the back in the same peach as the background on the front.

Crochet cat cushion

Crochet cat cushion

Crochet cat cushion

Crochet cat cushion

I wasn't sure whether I was going to add the little faces to the cats, as I was worried my detail embroidering can sometimes be a bit rubbish, and I was worried I would ruin it, but they actually turned out super cute!

Crochet cat cushion

I ended up doing the mouse a little different to the way the pattern shows, placing the ears and the facial features slightly differently. I gave him two eyes as well as I felt it looked better that way.

I also accidentally ended up using the DK version of my Stylecraft Fondant for the cat square, but managed to use the Aran for the stripes on the back. I was a bit worried I would have to make that square twice, but it actually ended up roughly the same size, so I decided just to go with it!

The joy of making a cushion like this, and just crocheting the cushion pad inside, meant I didn't have to sew all the ends in

Best of all Lisa loved it, and actually knew it was supposed to be cats, so I was pretty chuffed!

Yarn Used:
  • Stylecraft Special DK:
    • Fondant. (By accident!)
  • Hayfield Bonus DK:
    • Black.
  • Vanna's Choice Lion Brand:
    • Soft Pink.
  • Caron Simply Soft:
    • Orchid.
    • Berry Blue.
    • Royal Blue.
    • Robin's Egg.
    • Blue Mint.
  • Stylecraft Special Aran:
    • Magenta.
    • Fondant.
    • Lavendar.
    • Teal.
Raverly project page.

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