Frida's Flowers Blanket CAL - Getting Ready

As I am determined to complete this project to the best of my ability, I sat down to read all the posts about getting ready before I jumped in and started crocheting.

The first post on the Stylecraft CAL page is the Frida's Flowers Crochet Along Shade List.

As I mentioned in my last post about my blanket, the colours are slightly different depending on which yarn you are using. The pattern is written with Classique Cotton DK in mind, but the shade list also provides details for Special DK and Life DK. It mentions that there are two alternative colour options for Plum, Fushsia Purple or Plum. I'm not sure why the alternative for Classique Cotton DK Plum wouldn't just be Special DK Plum, but there you go. I ended up with Fushsia Purple, as that's what Deramores were providing in their colour packs, which is the list I used for reference when I purchased my yarn individually to save money. It will just mean my purple sections are a bit brighter, and a bit more pink than they would be if it had been plum, but I'm fine with that!

Next up was the Frida's Flowers - Getting Ready section, which tells you what else you will need to complete the project and gives you tension details. I can't remember the last time I actually made a tension square for anything, knitting or crochet, but this section talks about how important the tension is multiple times that I felt incredibly guilty when I thought about not making those tension squares. So I decided to be a good crocheter and actually make them, using the colours as suggested by the pattern, as apparently these are the ones you'll have enough leftover of.

So first up we have the double crochet swatch, done with a 4mm hook, done in Copper.

Friday's flowers blanket swatches

This was supposed to be 19 stitches by 21/21.5 rows in a 10cm square. I ended up with 18 stitches by 22 rows, which I figured was close enough. I think switching crochet hook size would make more than a stitch or half a rows difference, so I was quite happy with that one.

Next up was the treble crochet swatch, done with a 3.5mm hook, done in Magenta.

Friday's flowers blanket swatches

Now this was supposed to be 19 stitches by 9.5 rows, and I ended up with 19 stitches and 11 rows. Whoops! Not sure how I managed to get the stitch tension bang on, but was 1.5 rows too tight with the rows tension.

I've made the decision to just go with it and hope the tension works out okay! The pattern says if your tension is wrong you can change hook size to fix it, but the pattern calls for three hook sizes (3.5mm, 4mm and 4.5mm), and if you change one hook size, you have to change to other two too, to make sure you get the right effect with the finish result. But my double crochet tension piece was almost bang on, so if I change the hook size to try and fix the treble crochet piece, this would make the double crochet size all off!

If there was only one hook size to work with I think I would be more willing to sit down and try a couple more squares to work it out, but trying to accommodate three different hooks size is too much for me thank you very much.

Lordy! This is why I don't do tension pieces. Sometimes just jumping in blindly can make you feel better! I do feel like I was maybe crocheted a bit tighter to try and make the square neat, as my crochet actually tends to be a bit loose judging by how big some things tend to turn out, so I'm hoping if I just chill out, it will actually be fine

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