Frida's Flowers Blanket CAL

If you're pretty into crochet on Instagram, like me you've probably seen loads of posts for blanket CALs (crochet alongs). These usually involve bits of pattern for a blanket (or other things, but it seems to mostly be blankets) being released every week or so, and people from all over the world joining in to make their own version of the blanket, and usually sharing their progress on social media so we can all be nosey!

I've seen loads of them, mostly from Stylecraft or Attic 24, but I've never taken part in one myself. However, a little while ago I saw Wool Warehouse were stocking the colour packs for the most beautiful blanket I had ever seen, Frida's Flowers Blanket by Jane Crowfoot.

Look at it! How beautiful is it? A little while ago I finally took the plunge and bought the yarn for it. I had seen the colour packs on both Wool Warehouse and Deramores, but one day Deramores was having a huge sale, and while it didn't apply to colour packs, they did have all the colours of yarn avaliable singularly, so I bought it that way instead. Teamed with a £5 voucher I had too, it made it way cheaper, so I was super happy

Frida blanket wool

I also love the mix of colours. I tend to stick to the same sorts of colours, so it's nice to have some that I wouldn't usually pick myself, like the brown and the khaki green, and know they're going to look lovely when I use them.

The pattern is written for the Classique Cotton DK yarn, but I went with the Special DK instead, as it was cheaper! The colours are slightly different for the Special DK, and there are apparently two options (Fuchsia Purple or Plum) to use instead of the Plum supplied with the Classique Cotton DK colour pack. I picked the Fuchsia Purple for my blanket as this is what Deramores included in their colour pack, so that was the list I used when I was buying the balls of yarn myself.

I have to say though, what really attracted me to this project was the description of the pattern - "This project is aimed at those looking to improve their skills rather than complete beginners." When I first started wanting to crochet I could barely do a chain, and now I feel so confident when I look for a project, I feel I can tackle a lot things without worrying. I really love the idea of doing something a bit challenging, and hopefully having an amazing blanket to show off at the end of it all!

I wanted to get my creepy clown cushion cover out of the way before I started this, as I didn't want to be working on two quite heavy yarn projects at once, so now I can finally start!

I think the CAL has actually all be released now on the Stylecraft website (I clearly took too long mulling over whether to actually take the plunge and buy the yarn!), so I can just dive right in and not have to wait for any of the bits of the pattern to be relased.

I think I might do an update per piece of the CAL I complete, so I can document each stage and not just wait until the whole thing is finish to show it off!

Wish me luck!

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