Friday, 29 July 2016

Creepy Clown Cushion Cover

I don't know how long this cushion has been sitting in my WIP pile, but I know I was pregnant when I started it, so it's been a wee while at least.

I came across the pattern for this creepy clown cushion cover in a book called Evil Knits (or Knitmare on Elm Street, depending on the version you have) by Hannah Simpson. I thought it might be fun so I could practise my intarsia knitting. I have the wool for a jumper which has a diamond design on the front just waiting to be made, but I'm not overly confident in my intarsia knitting, so I thought a cushion cover would be perfect practise. Not everything needs to be totally perfect on a cushion cover like it does on something you're going to wear (especially tension), so it wouldn't matter too much if I made some mistakes along the way, it was all about learning.

I actually knitted the two back pieces of the cover up ages ago. They were just simple stripes and were quite easy to do, however when I came to the front panel I had about 10 failed attempts and then set it aside so I didn't begin to hate it. I've never done intarsia knitting before (well I have on this wee robin, but not successfully as I didn't twist at all and had to sew up the gap around his belly) but I have done Fair Isle knitting, so I knew roughly what I was doing, but I could not seem to twist the yarn properly and avoid the dreaded hole!

About a month ago I decided I wanted to finish the cover, as the only other things I have going on just now are a big cross stitch and adding to my embroidery duvet now and then, so I went at it again. After watching loads of You Tube videos, I finally found this super helpful blog post which I kept open on my computer for the first few rows. The technique is not hard at all, but for some reason this post was the only one that made it click in my head and I finally got it.

I think I managed to successfully knit the whole piece with no holes in one attempt! Yay!

Clown cushion

I did however make one mistake on the mouth! I'm still not sure what I did, I guess I picked up the wrong colour, or forgot to change to the black when I should have, but it's a bit squint and the pink goes right into the white! And I didn't realise it till I was about 15 rows past it, so no way was I ripping all that back. Like I said, this was about learning how to do the technique, not making something perfect. 

Clown cushion

Clown cushion

I also decided to crochet the pieces together with a slip stitch seam rather than sew it together, as I am rubbish at sewing my knitting together, so crocheting just makes it much neater!

Clown cushion

Clown cushion

I actually thought the cushion was going to be a lot bigger than it was, and didn't realise how small it was till I went to order the cushion pad for it and realised it was only a 10" pad. I think this might be due to this slightly deceptivly sized chair photo from the book!

Clown cushion

Either way it looks pretty cute in my cushion corner on the sofa.

Clown cushion

Yarn Used:

  • Hayfield Bonus DK:
    • Black.
    • White.
    • Fluoro.
    • Bluebell.
  • Robin DK:
    • Red.
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