Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Fimo Clay Charm Bracelet

Last year after Christmas, I treated myself to an awesome Fimo clay charm book called Make Clay Charms (you can see my post about it here). It comes with everything you need to make yourself a charm bracelet, as well as a book full of lovely ideas for cute little charms (a lot of which are food with faces! Yay!).

As I mentioned in my last post about this, I was pretty keen on making my bracelet all food, so I decided to do six charms for my bracelet and then set to work.

The clay wasn't as easy to work with as actual Fimo clay is, but after a lot of rolling about in my hands trying to heat it up, it eventually stopped breaking apart. The dark brown colour was super sticky though, and my hands kept getting covered in it, which meant a lot of hand washing to stop everything ending up brown!

The instructions for each charm are really clear, and the little diagrams at the start of each pattern show you how much clay you need, meaning you can check you've got the right amount just by lying it on top of the picture.

After making and baking the charms, I drew faces on some of them with a Sharpie, glazed them, and hung them up to dry. The book even came with an awesome little drying stand!

Clay bracelet

And then all I had to do was assemble the bracelet!

Clay bracelet

So we have an apple and a pea pod.

Clay bracelet

Some fries and a chocolate chip cookie.

Clay bracelet

And a milk carton and a doughnut!

Clay bracelet

How cute is it?!

Clay bracelet

Clay bracelet

Clay bracelet

I'm a bit worried about the hooks coming loose in the clay, as it was quite hard to get them in in the first place without squishing my ceation, and most of them still spun once I had baked them, but the book says if they come loose you can glue them back in again, so I'll just have to keep an eye on it! If one falls off I can always make a replacement.

Now that I've made the bracelet kit, I really want to have a go at making some of the other patterns from the book. On my first post about this book someone in the comments section said how they thought the charms would make lovely stitch markers for knitting, and I think that's an awesome idea. So a set of cute stitch markers may be on the cards.

My only other Fimo clay effort has been some Super Mario magnets, and I think the charms have turned out far better, so hopefully I'm getting better at working with clay. I also liked the way the glaze looks on the clay, so I think I may need to invest in a bigger tub of glaze for future projects.

Also while seaching on Amazon so I could link to this book, I've discovered there is a glitter version too, which I may just need to buy!

This project is a step towards completing my New Year's List. You can check out my progress here.
  • Clear as many free and purchased craft kits as possible.
  • Make things from my huge collection of craft books.


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