Embroidered Duvet Update

It's been a year since I last stitched on my duvet cover! I whole year! But after doing quite a lot of knitting lately, I decided to spend an evening doing some embroidery, and finally managed to add to it!

I decided to add this awesome sloth mama and baby pattern from Wild Olive for me and Ivy. I used three stands of thread, and just went with backstitch as I haven't done any embroidery in a while, so it was nice to just get back into it.

Sloth embroidery

I've been trying not to drag my thread too much across the back, as the duvet is super thin, but I did it in little places like the face, so hopefully it's not too noticeable.
So here's what the whole duvet looks like with the grand total of the three patterns which I've stitched on it! It really feels like this might take forever for it to get anywhere near full!

Sloth embroidery

This project is a step towards completing my New Year's List. You can check out my progress here.

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