Princess Leia Pixel Crochet Blanket

March 30, 2016
I love an excuse to get my craft on, and making presents for people (especially babies) is one of my favourite things to do. Not only is it awesome to give something handmade to someone, but it's also fun as you can make something you might not usually make for yourself/have the room for in your house. It's lovely to get the chance to make different things and give different techniques a bash.

One of my ex-skater mates, Charlotte, announced she was having a baby when I was still pregnant with Ivy, so naturally we have a lot of pregnant lady chat on Facebook. Her little one is due very soon, so I decided it would be fun to make her something.

She's very geeky, so I knew I wanted to do something geektastic, but I also knew that they were having a little girl and were very against pink. So I decided to make her a Princess Leia pixel crochet blanket, as it's very geeky and girl powery, without being pink.

I've wanted to do a pixel crochet blanket for ages, so this was a great excuse to give it a go! I found this quite small Princess Leia perler bead design, and decided it would be a good pattern to use and it hopefully wouldn't be too huge once I made it all in granny squares! In another bid to make it not too huge, I went with aran weight yarn and only did two round each granny square, so they were still quite chunky but were quite quick to knock up.

I used this pattern for a solid colour granny square, as sometimes I just need a bit of a reminder on how to do this correctly, but as I said above I just did two rounds.

So here it is!

Princess Leia crochet blanket

Princess Leia crochet blanket

Princess Leia crochet blanket

Princess Leia crochet blanket

Princess Leia crochet blanket

I joined the squares using Attic 24's joining into the back loops method, which I've used before and is really handy! It's quick and neat, and even if you're using a different colour of yarn it stays mostly hidden, which is sweet. And you can do whole rows in one go, which means loads less ends to sew in!

I then did a border of triple crochets in blue and then double crochets in blue, just to finish it off and add a bit of colour into it. I think I could have done the border a bit better where the design went round a corner, as there seems to be too much border when I went into every stitch. I perhaps should have done a decrease to make it a bit tighter in those places.

I would have liked the whole thing to have been more of a square shape, as the arms are a bit out there on their own at the edges, but overall I'm super happy with it. Even if it is a bit of a weird shape for a cot or pram blanket, it might be a nice blanket to lie on if the baby is playing on the floor or whatever, or even a rug!

I feel like I've been making this blanket forever! It was loads of granny squares, and loads in the same colours, teamed with only being able to work on it in the evenings, as looking after a baby and trying to concentrate on crochet is not a skill I've mastered yet! So I'm quite excited to get stuck into making something else now, even if I only get to work on it in short bursts!

Yarn Used:

  • Vanna's Choice Lion Brand.
    • Chocolate.
    • Soft Pink.
  • Robin Bonny Babe Aran.
    • White.
  • Caron Simply Soft.
    • Black.
    • Grape.
    • Blue mint. 
    • White.
  • Stylecraft Special Aran.
    • Graphite.
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