Waterlily Granny Square

February 28, 2016
My mum is quite keen to learn some more crochet techniques so she can make something a bit different than just standard granny squares. She brought a book up to my house one night in the hopes I could show her how to do some different stuff, but I ended up just having a crochet myself in between the pair of us trying to settle Ivy.

The book was 200 Crochet Blocks by Jan Eaton which gives you 200 different crochet blocks you can use to make up blankets. It's great because apparently all the squares work up the same size, so you can mix and match them all to make exactly the blanket you want.

I decided to try making the Waterlily Granny Square because I liked the 3D element of it, and I wanted to prove to my mum that even if something looks quite mental, it's usually still just made up with the same couple of stitches and is actually quite easy! It wasn't overly complicated or anything, but it did me about an hour to finish it as there was quite a few rounds to make up the finished square.

Granny square

I gave it a blocking, but it's still a bit squint! It was hard to try and pull it into the shape I wanted because of the flower part in the middle, which didn't seem to want to stretch!

I just made the one block for the fun of it, and I've added it to the bag of random grannies I have that are all different patterns. I really need to think up something to do with them all, but they're all different sizes!

Yarn Used:

  • Stylecraft Special DK:
    • Apricot.
    • Cloud Blue.
    • Lemon.
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