Valentine's Day Card

Happy Valentine's Day if you are that way inclined! This year I didn't have an idea for something to make Donald that I would actually be able to get done in time, so I decided just to go for a handmade card. It's nice to make something a bit more personal instead of getting a shope bought card, most of which are usually really rubbish (though Donald seems to be able to find me really funny ones!).

I've seen a lot of stitched greetings cards lately that are quite simple to do and a little bit sassy or rude, so I thought that might be a fun way to go.

I went with this lovely Scottish sentiment, which I'm sure you can guess what it means even if it's not an expression you would use yourself! I made the pattern using this cross stitch writing tool which I use all the time, it's amazing!

Valentine's Day card

I popped some cute heart stickers on it to make it a bit more pretty. This was so fast to stitch up, it literally took me about 15 minutes but I love the way it looks!

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