Fries Before Guys

January 20, 2016
So even though I've had loads of posts go up this month already, this project is actually the first one I completed in 2016, as the rest were all done last year.

In August I posted about the Girl Power box I bought from Geeky Little Stitcher, and I've finally got around to making up the kit I got with it.

The complete kit featured an awesome pattern for a fries before guys cross stitch, which I wanted to knock up to pop in our kitchen.

This pattern was amazing to work up, as it was mostly whole stitches, with very little backstitch. I also loved the colour combos in the text, which are a total pastel dream.

There was also more than enough thread to complete the pattern, which is always a worry with kits as I've ran out halfway through before and it's a nightmare!

Fries before guys cross stitch

Fries before guys cross stitch

Fries before guys cross stitch

How cute does it look? Yet another food with faces thing to add to my kitchen collection.

This project is a step towards completing my New Year's List. You can check out my progress here.
  • Clear as many free and purchased craft kits as possible.

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