Friday, 15 January 2016

Christmas Presents - Donald

I always liked to stick a couple of little handmade things in with Donald's Christmas just to top up his pressies. This year I went with a little crochet gift and a little perler bead gift.

First up I made him a little crochet Nosferatu, which is a pattern from the Creepy Cute Crochet book, which I borrowed from my mum. Most of the little creatures in the book have the same basic body and face pattern, and then you just add on the little details.

Christmas presents

Christmas presents

Christmas presents

He has a lot of detail on his jacket, like a tiny collar and little buttons, but you can hardly see them to be honest, but they're there, trust me! I made that tiny collar, I know it's there!

And secondly, I made him some perler bead characters from The Big Lebowski, which is one of his favourite movies. I found this image on Pinterest and made them using it as reference.

Christmas presents

I was especially happy I actually had gold perler beads for the tinted sunglasses.

Yarn Used:
  • Caron Simply Soft:
    • Black.
  • Robin Bonny Babe Aran:
    • White.
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