Baby's First Christmas Tree Ornament

With Ivy being a little December baby, her first Christmas was always going to be quite close to the day she was born. So in the lead up to her arriving, I knew I wanted to make a little Christmas tree ornament to mark her first Christmas with us.

I had a look on Pinterest and Raverly for some patterns and eventually decided to go with this cute (and free) baby pattern and make it into a tree ornament.

I used the leftover Sheepjes Catona yarn I had, and used a 2.5mm hook, as I wanted it to be quite small so it would fit on the tree.

Crochet baby ornament

Crochet baby ornament

I added a little felt tag to the back with Ivy's name on it, just so it was clear I made it for her. I wanted to put baby's first Christmas on it somewhere, but she's quite a skinny plush, so it was hard to know where to fit it, so I just decided on her name instead. My handwriting was a bit untidy for the embroidery, but I'll blame this on the fact I was quite sleep deprived when I added the name tag (about a week after Ivy was born), which maybe just adds to the authenticity of it! 

Crochet baby ornament

My Aunt also bought us a baby's first Christmas bauble, so I popped them together on our tree.

Crochet baby ornament

I decided to leave out the hair (as I wasn't sure of an accurate hair colour when I made it) and the contrast on the bib, as I just wanted it to be pink. The pattern was quite easy to do, but the limbs were quite fiddly, especially on such a small hook. I just added a length of chains to her head so I could hang her on the Christmas tree. 

Yarn Used:
  • Sheepjes Catona:
    •  255 Nude.
    • 208 Yellow Gold.
    • 115 Hot Red.
  • Rico Essentials Cotton DK:
    • Rose.
Raverly Project Page.

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