Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Crochet Cat Travel Pillow

Way back in February, I made a pair of cat socks from Simply Crochet which was part of a travel set they had. At the time I bought the wool to make the socks, a cat travel pillow, and some headphone covers.

I've since decided not to make the headphone covers, as I now use those headphones for work, and would probably get annoying having them on all day, instead of just wearing them for about 20 minutes on the bus. However, I realised I had used the wrong wool for the socks. I wanted to make them in rose, but the picture in the magazine was in silver, which confused me!

I bought 5 balls of silver wool (4 for the pillow and 1 for the headphones) and then two balls of rose wool (for the socks) but as I used the silver for the socks by mistake, it meant I didn't have the full 4 balls of silver for the travel pillow. So mine is a bit more multicoloured than it should be, and it's rose and silver!

Crochet cat travel pillow

Crochet cat travel pillow

Crochet cat travel pillow

Crochet cat travel pillow

Crochet cat travel pillow

How cute is it? I actually love how it looks with the rose and silver combo. I decided to double crochet the whole thing together instead of sew it, as I thought it would be neater, though it does mean you can see the stitches on the silver sections, but at least they're neat and visible! Sometimes my sewing together isn't the best, so I'm glad I went with the double crochet.

The pattern was really easy to follow, though there were a couple of number mistakes, though Simply Crochet seem to have a lot of issues with pattern mistakes! However, it was nothing too drastic, and I was able to keep on track.

I just bought a cheap travel pillow from Amazon and popped it inside, so now she's ready for the next time I need a nap on the go!

Yarn Used:

  • Rico Essentials Cotton DK:
    • Rose.
    • Silver.
Raverly Project Page.


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