Iron Man Gloves

October 14, 2015
I really love making presents for people. I mean I love giving presents in general, but since craft has taken over my life in the past few years, making things is definitely something I love doing.

Donald's birthday was coming up, as well as Christmas crafty planning, so I was on the lookout for something awesome to make for him.

I can across this pattern for Iron Man gloves and knew I had to make them. Donald doesn't tend to buy things for himself like hats and gloves unless he REALLY needs them, so I knew these would make a good present.

However, when I read the pattern for the gloves I wasn't too keen on it. I can't remember exactly why I didn't like it, but reading it through I just wasn't super happy with it, and I like to be really clear on how a pattern goes together before I start it.

I decided to use Twinkie Chan's pattern for Strawberry Fingerless Mitts as I had made these before for my friend Cat, and knew exactly how they went together, and then used the original pattern for the circles on the hands.

I went up to a slightly bigger hook size for this pattern, as Donald has much bigger hands than I'm sure the pattern was intended for and they seemed to fit him pretty well in the end, so I was happy. I used just made half the cuff in one colour, and then switched to the other to complete the cuff.

Iron Man gloves

Iron Man gloves

Iron Man gloves

Iron Man gloves

Here's a lovely photo of Donald modelling them on his birthday.

Iron Man gloves

He really loved them when he got them, and has had a few jealous comments on Facebook, which is always lovely.

Yarn Used:
  • Caron Simply Soft.
    • Lemonade.
    • Autumn Red.
  • Stylecraft Special Aran.
    • Cloud Blue.

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