Bee Baby Hat

A little while ago a won a cute bee baby hat over on Mochimochi Land's blog. The kit came from the magazine Let's Knit, and I really wanted it because 1) our baby is due super soon and 2) I love bees!

Bee hat

This was my first knit for the baby, as crochet just knocks up so much quicker, but this looked super easy, and I managed to make it up in a couple of evenings.

Bee baby hat

I decided to leave the little antenna off. Even though they looked super cute, I was worried about being able to sew them on tight enough that I would feel safe with them on the baby hat. There was also a bonus pattern for a little bee toy, but again I was worried about my knitting skills translating into safety, so decided not to make that for the time being. Though I still have the pattern, so I could always knock him up at a later date.

That's the last free kit I have to make for the baby. I have a couple of other makes in mind for them, but I think they all need to wait until after the baby is here, and we definitely know what we'll be naming them!

Raverly Project Page.

This project is a step towards completing my New Year's List for 2015. You can check out my progress here.

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