Swimming Goggles Pouch

September 06, 2015
Have you guys ever gotten some free fabric from Spoonflower during one of their free swatch events? I first discovered it last year (I think) when they were giving away free swatches of their new eco-canvas fabric. I've yet to use it, but I have a cute little toast cushion by Asking For Trouble just waiting to get made. I was quite sensible in my choice last time because the toast cushion was test swatch size, so I basically got the whole kit for free.

However, a little while ago they were doing free swatches of their new sport lycra, and despite having no idea what I would make with a tiny square of lyrca, I ordered some in a Wild Olive print anyway, this cute Halloween one to be specific.

Yay my @spoonflower sport lyrics swatch came! Some awesome @molliejohanson Halloween fabric! #fabric #sewing #halloween

When it came I posted a photograph on Instagram and Mollie from Wild Oliver herself asked me what I was going to make. I had a little think and decided to make a pouch for my swimming goggles. I really want to try and swim more now I'm pregnant, and I thought lycra would be good for my swimming bag as it can cope with getting wet. I also thought it would mean as little cutting and sewing as possible, as stretch fabric is apparently quite hard to work with!

Swimming goggles pouch

Swimming goggles pouch

Swimming goggles pouch

Swimming goggles pouch

Swimming goggles pouch

I'm quite impressed with how it turned out. I took my time so I didn't rage quit this one. I looked up my sewing book for how to sew stretch fabric, I swapped to a stretch needle for my sewing machine, I looked up the best stitch for stretch fabric (quite a tight zigzag one apparently) and got to work.

I just fold the fabric in half longways, and then sewed up the bottom and the other side, leaving a gap of a few inches at the top (which I had to snip on the folded side to make even) to make the drawstring area. I used some tips from this tutorial on the Purl Bee to give me an idea of how to sew the drawstring channels. Then I just trimmed the edges and fed some turquoise chord through the channels to make it tie.

The stitching could be a bit neater on the outside, but overall I think it looks good. It's all sewn together, it fits my goggles, and I only broke one needle while I was making it (I'm rubbish at not hitting pins!).

I also took the pictures on my desk in my craft room, and they definitely look a lot better than trying to take photos on my living room carpet!

This project is a step towards completing my New Year's List for 2015. You can check out my progress here.

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