Felt Christmas Ornaments

September 20, 2015
I've been trying to clean out all the free kits and craft kits I've bought recently, as I have so much stuff just sitting there waiting to be made. I figured two time sensitive things that were coming up were the baby and Christmas, so I raked through all my kits and made a baby pile and a Christmas pile to try and make me focus on those first.

Well this week I made the last two Christmas related things I had! Yay! I have one other tiny knitting kit that's Christmas related which I got free in a magazine, but I'm not sure I like it so I think I'll use the wool for something else. So there are no more Christmas kits waiting to be made!

My last two Christmas makes were two felt Christmas ornament kits that I was given as Christmas presents last year.

Felt Christmas ornaments

I made them both in the one evening, so I'm super happy they were so fast to make. I love these little kits. I've been gifted a couple of them before and they always come with just the right amount of felt and super clear instructions.

Felt Christmas ornaments

Felt Christmas ornaments

I really love that little hedgehog! He's going to look awesome on our Christmas tree!

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