Christmas Peg Doll

September 04, 2015
This week I decided to tackle the last two free Christmas kits I had in a bid to get rid of them. I still have a couple of decoration kits to make, but those were ones people gave me as presents, so obviously I don't count them as free kits.

First up, I tried to make a felt garland kit from Sew Magazine. Worth £7.99 it boasted! Honestly, it was the worst free kit ever. I ended up rage quitting and giving up on the whole thing.

Free kit from Sew magazine with no templates and annoying instructions. I've made so many mistakes already I think I'm giving up. What a pain.

The first step of the pattern was "trace shapes on paper based on the pictures". Oh come on! How long would it have taken you to draw up a template so we could at least get the same shapes on the go and work out where to place the template on the felt so it was going to leave me enough left over. The felt was cheap and nasty. The instructions were annoying. It was just awful. Teamed with me cutting the ribbon wrong and then forgetting to stuff the first decoration I made, I just gave up.

I had one other free kit from Sew Magazine, which was a peg doll Christmas tree decoration kit. She was super cute and I decided to give her a go.

Again I found the instructions not the best, and my kit was missing the screw to turn it into a decoration, but I decided to just stick the thing together the way I wanted, use mainly glue instead of lots of very visable sewing, and still come away with a cute little peg doll, after hunting down another screw that is.

Christmas peg doll

Christmas peg doll

Christmas peg doll

She's quite wee, so it's quite hard to see her, but she's super cute. As with anything I make with a face, I really love her, even if her dress isn't as pretty as it should do and she's missing some wings. Whoops! But that's all my free Christmas kits finished!

And the lesson here is, Sew do rubbish free kits and should probably stick to the patterns they usually give away.

This project is a step towards completing my New Year's List for 2015. You can check out my progress here.

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