Girl Power box by Geeky Little Stitcher

August 21, 2015
I love Instagram so much! I'm not sure how I end up following some people, but I follow some awesome crafty people. One such person is Jess, or the Geeky Little Stitcher, who I started following recently. Her Etsy shop sells monthly crafting boxes, which are similar in style to a monthly subscription box, except you can buy them all one by one each month, so no signing up for something you're not sure you'll like.

Jess posted details of her newest box, a girl power themed box and I was sold. Crafty goodies teamed with feminist cross stitched statements = one excited Kim! And each box was only £9.99, so I had no reason not to give it a go.

My box popped through the post at the start of thing week and I'm so over the moon with it I thought I would share some photos of it.

They come in little boxes like the Lucky Dip Club ones, so they fit through the letterbox with ease. Even the outside of my box was personalised.

Girl power stitching box by Geeky Little Stitcher

I was very excited when I opened it! It's just so lovely to look at, with lovely little details like some sweets and cute stickers.

Girl power stitching box by Geeky Little Stitcher

Girl power stitching box by Geeky Little Stitcher

The main bulk of the box is the kit part. You can one pattern and everything you need to make it, including fabric, thread, needle, and hoop! This was the pattern Jess posted on Instagram that made me think I defintely needed to buy it. Cute food and sassy sayings, yes please! I cannot wait to make this. I'll probably pop it in my kitchen as I have so much cute food themed stuff in there already.Also look at the colours of the text, so lush!

Girl power stitching box by Geeky Little Stitcher

Also look how cute the little thread seperator is. I love all the little touches in this box, they just make me super excited to get started.

Girl power stitching box by Geeky Little Stitcher

Alongside the main kit part, Jess promised two other patterns, plus some stationery.

Girl power stitching box by Geeky Little Stitcher

How awesome are these patterns? Girl power and ovaries before brovaries! I love both of them, and definitely want to make both of them. They both look super easy to knock up as well (look at that lovely lack of backstitch!), and perfect little hoop sized, so they may be gracing my craft room walls very soon.

I also got a fries before guys sticker and postcard!

All patterns come with the finished picture (as shown), the pattern, and the thread key, so you're all good to go.

I cannot say enough good things about this box! I love that I want to use everything, and you can see how much care went into putting these boxes together. I would definitely buy another one!

If you're interested in Jess's other boxes, keep an eye on her Instagram. Her new one launches soon I believe, so I'd get in there quick!

Thanks so much Jess for such an awesome box, I'm so excited to get started on my fries before guys pattern.


  1. Ohmygosh, that is so adorable! I'm already checking out her Etsy store!

  2. Her stuff is so cool! I would defo buy more boxes in the future now I know about them. Sad I mised out on the guac themed box.


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