Cross Stitch Christmas Gift Tags

Sometimes you might have a craft kit or project, which in principal you know you want to do, but a huge part of you does just not want to do. For me, it was some cross stitch Christmas gift tags. I managed to get three free sets from Cross Stitcher over the years (because why mix up your Christmas gifts eh?), and after making one kit, I just didn't want to make the other two for a number of reasons.

  1. So much back stitch! I left it out in the old tags, but I usually hate that I know things would have looked better if I had done the back stitch.
  2. So much time and effort for such a small project. I spent days on these things and just had tiny tags to show at the end.
  3. I'm pretty sure everyone probably just binned them when I put them on gifts, which is fair enough, but I spent ages on them guys!
I was thinking about giving the kits away, when I thought I could just rework them. I decided to find as many simple back stitch patterns and use metallic thread to make them so they looked extra festive.

So yesterday morning I sat down to this.

Also this is happening #christmas #crossstitch #crossstitcher

I made all 16 tags in one sitting! I was so much happier about that, as if I'd done it the old way I'm pretty sure I would have made one if I was lucky. I say 16, but I only have 15 to show, as there was one which I wasn't very happy with anyway, and I cut the edge too close and split it open. Oh well, it was the only one I would have been happy losing.

So these are the 15 I ended up with. I'll post the links to any patterns I used beside each photo.

Cross stitch tags

Cross stitch tags

Cross stitch tags

Joy and Xmas - Created using this awesome cross stitch writing tool.

Cross stitch tags

Four snowflakes - all four patterns from Nuts About Needlepoint.

Cross stitch tags

Star and heart gift tag -  I took little elements from this Christmas pattern for these tags.

Cross stitch tags

Heart tag - heart cross stitch pattern. Stocking tag - stocking perler bead. Star tag - I used part of this star motif. Reindeer tag - reindeer cross stitch pattern.

This project is a step towards completing my New Year's List for 2015. You can check out my progress here.

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