Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Friends Wedding Embroidery

This post says Friends wedding embroidery, and that works on two levels, if you ignore the grammatical error. First of all, this is actually a Friends, the TV show, piece of embroidery. Secondly, it was stitch for my friend's wedding.

My friend Cat loves Friends, and so when I was thinking of making her something for her wedding, I really wanted to make her something to tie in with the show. After a quick search on Etsy and Pinterest the same quote kept coming up for Friends themed love related gifts.

There was a few cross stitch patterns out there already for this quote, but I wanted to stitch something myself. Embroidery is just so pretty.

Wedding embroidery

Wedding embroidery

Wedding embroidery

Wedding embroidery

Wedding embroidery

I traced this image of a cartoon lobster for the main picture, and then used this text for the words as I really liked the font.

For the main body of the lobster, I decided I wanted to work beads into my embroidery. I saw this cool lobster hoop art, which gave me the idea, but what looked like beads in the thumbnail was actually spotty fabric! So I stole an idea from something that wasn't even using it! Whoops!

I used some nice pinky salom coloured beads on every second stitch, and I really love the effect. It took about the same amount of time as embroidery but just looks that little bit extra special.

I also bought some heart print fabric, as well as the heart shaped buttons, to make it extra love themed.

I really love how it turned out, and I'll definitely be using more beads in future embroidery! 


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