Friday, 20 March 2015

Strawberry Mitts

I'm embarrassed to say how long I've had Twinkie Chan's book and have never made anything from it. To be fair, I bought it ages before I could crochet, hoping one day I would acquire the skills to make something from it. I've actually made stuff from Twinkie Chan's blog before, but never her book.

My friend Cat's birthday was coming up and I thought it might be nice to make her a little pair of gloves. After much searching online for an easy but cute pattern, I saw the Twinkie Chan strawberry fingerless mittens pattern, and realised I had the pattern sitting on my book shelf.

These are definitely a gift that I want to keep for myself. They hooked up so fast compared to knitting a pair of gloves, and when I tried them on they were just a lovely fit. I'm very jealous and I may have to make another pair for myself.

Strawberry mitts

Strawberry mitts

Strawberry mitts

Strawberry mitts

Strawberry mitts

Lordy, please excuse my chipped nails! I'm also not sure why the green wool looks glittery in the top two photos, but it's just plain.

I decided to do both mitts in red, instead of having one in pink, as I just liked the even-ness a bit more. Though if I made a set for myself, I think I would definitely use pink.

I used Caron Simply Soft in autumn red and kelly green, as well as scraps of Stylecraft Special Aran in lemon and cream for the details. I really love the aran weight yarn, it's just that bit chunkier and so lovely to work with. Twinkie Chan seems to use quite a lot of this weight of yarn in her work, so I'm excited to make more of her patterns. That slightly chunkier hook makes thing hook up that bit quicker too. Win win!

These were super easy as well, as you crochet up the cuff, sew it together, and then crochet the rest of the glove in the round, so there's minimal joining, which is always a lovely feature.

I really wish I had tried Twinkie's patterns earlier as they are super clear, and just lovely to follow. If you're giving crochet a shot, don't be intimidated like I was and just give them a go!


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