Mini Baby Blanket

March 11, 2015
Babies! Babies everywhere! As I said in my last post, I had whipped up a lovely blanket for one of my workmate's and his wife recently, and they were having a baby. I made it a few months before I knew they were due so I didn't get bogged down in other crafts and then have to rush it.

A few weeks ago we had a new guy start in our team, and I found out his wife was very pregnant, like two weeks away from being due or something mad. I felt super bad because both the babies were due around the same time, and I already had a gift for one, but not the other.

I decided it might be a good idea to make something a bit smaller (as I was short on time), so I went in search of a blanket/comforter type pattern. There are loads of them about, and they're basically a soft toy (or at least a soft toy head) joined on to a blanket for the baby to snuggle with.

I found this pattern on The Little Pomegranate (which is free) for a little bear one, and decided to go with it.

I whipped up the little bear head no problem, but when I started making the blanket part, I really didn't like it. I'm not sure if it was the pattern, or if I was doing it wrong, but I wasn't happy with the blanket section. However, my little bear already had a face so I couldn't bring myself to frog him. I decided to make up the pattern for the bottom part of the blanket. Here's the results and then I'll explain how I did it.

Baby gifts.

Baby gifts.

Baby gifts.

Baby gifts.

Baby gifts.

When I decided to make the blanket part up, I thought I had nothing better to do that to make a little granny square and I'd be done. But of course because the teddy is designed to be in the corner of the blanket, and I didn't want to just sew him on the corner when I was done, I was having to work from the edge to the middle, and then decrease it again to get back to a corner.

I split the stitches evenly between the teddy bears neck to create a row of triples granny-style, and then worked out till I thought it was wide enough, then fastened off. I then chinned the same amount of chains as the teddy bear neck as, and created an identical triangle piece for the other side of the blanket. Then I created a little pointy edge for the opposite end to the teddy. I just made this up doing triple stitches and then decreases ever-so-often so eventually I was left with one stitch. Finally, then joined the two pieces with the pink yarn, and edged the whole pieces while I was at it, using double crochet.

If you've been crocheting a while my making up skills may not seem very impressive, but I'm quite chuffed I managed to adapt what I was doing and still end up with what I was aiming for in the end. It was maybe a quite roundabout way of doing it, but I got it done and still got to keep my little teddy bear face.

I made this using Stylecraft Double Knitting in fondant, apricot and cream, as well as some scraps of black for the teddy features. The pink and the peach were colours I used in my Nordic Shawl, so I just went with what I had lying around. While I went for a more neutral colour scheme for the last baby gift, this one was definitely a bit more girly (as again I knew they were having a girl). I also didn't have a lot of neutral colours hanging around, and didn't want to buy more wool for such a small project, so just went with pink and peach! Hopefully the parents are down with it.

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