Flower Fairy Card

Oh my, I've been having far too good a run with all my crochet lately, I had to make something I wasn't very happy with sooner or later.

A couple of weeks ago I started a little free kit I got in an old issues of World of Cross Stitching. I've been putting off finishing it to be honest, because I wasn't enjoying it, but gave myself a last push to finish it at the weekend. Lordy, maybe I shouldn't have bothered!

To start with, we have the colour chart, excuse the poor photo.

Fairy cross stitch card

I hate hate hate colour charts like this. Where there is like 20 different shades, but really they are all just brown. Headache and a half! Especially because some colour literally one had two or three stitches, and that was it. This pretty much added to my overall unhappiness about the project. But then we came to the backstitch...

Fairy cross stitch card

Fairy cross stitch card

There was so much backstitch. I left a lot of the stuff on her hair out because you couldn't even see it and it was making my eyes ache trying to figure out where to put it. Then we have her face. I'm not happy with it. I did it once, cut it all out and did it again, and I'm still not happy with it. I was sort of happy with her eyes, and ended up just making her mouth up the second time. I'm not sure which part looks wrong, I think all of it is if I'm honest. It was so hard to try and place the backstitch where the picture had it, as so many of the colours on the pattern were similar, so I just gave up. After two attempts at the face, and using my own thread for the backstitch (as the free stuff ran out) I decided I was done.

I quickly framed it before I binned it, as I was on the verge. She was supposed to go in this little paper frame that came free in the kit, but I decided on a making her into a card to she was more useful.

She actually looks much better from a distance. I kept seeing her on the little thumbnail on my phone's camera and thinking she looked fine before I opened it up and felt sad again, so maybe just don't look at her close up!

I pretty much felt I was never going to get it right, and considering it was a stupid free kit, why should I keep trying and stressing myself out? So hopefully I will find a use for her one day. I guess this is a lesson that not everything goes right in crafting first time, but at least this wasn't something I was crafting for a purpose. And I'm proud that I didn't rage quit and bin her, as she might as well get some use for all the time I spent on her! She may be a bit ugly, but she's still handmade, so out into the world she will go!

This project is a step towards completing my New Year's List for 2015. You can check out my progress here.

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