Crochet Rug...Again.

March 01, 2015
Exactly a year ago, I posted about this crochet rug I had made from some t-shirt yarn I got on offer at Hobbycraft.

Crochet rug

While I did really like it, I did mention that I wished I had done it neater. I basically crocheted a round until I ran out of wool, and then swapped colour, which lead to some quite mismatched rounds. It's been bothering me for quite some time, so this week I frogged the whole thing. Donald was quite distraught when he came home to find "his rug" (because it sits on his side of the bed) looking like this...

Frogging a past project to remake it. #crochet
I decided this time I would do only whole rounds in each colour, even if that meant having wool left over. I decided to swap it up from the pattern I used last time, just for a change, so i went for this pattern I found on Pinterest, but for some reason it just wasn't working. It was pinching it and making a sort of star shape, so I decided to go back to my original pattern.

I used this pattern from Michelle Veillux on Raverly and it was just as easy and lovely as the last time, so I would highly recommend it if you're making a big chunky rug.

Crochet rug.

Crochet rug.

Crochet rug.

Crochet rug.

I'm so much happier with how it looks. It just looks so much neater with no overlapping rounds of colour. It was all lovely and round until I started the yellow round. I'm not sure if I said this last time but even though I bought three balls of the same t-shirt yarn, they were completely different. The grey was quite thick but still soft, the green was very thin and very soft (and very lovely to work with), but the yellow was SO THICK! Very challenging to get my hook to even hold it. So I think that last round of yellow pulled the whole thing a bit out of shape. I tried blocking it (which gave it a much needed clean!) but it's still a bit wonky so I'll just have to embrace it.

I had thrown out all the labels for the wool I used in this, so I just grabbed a 12mm crochet hook and hoped for the best. I was left with a little green and grey t-shirt wool, which I'm not sure what to use it on. All the other colours only had about an arm length left, so I'm quite happy with that.

This time I put the two balls of normal wool on the inside, as I felt the outside rounds were getting the most wear and tear, so I thought the yellow would be able to handle that more.

Have you ever taken a project apart and started again? I definitely feel a lot calmer when I look at it now! 

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