Scandi Bird Kit

February 18, 2015
Another free kit and another Christmas kit at that! This time it's the super cute Scandi bird kit by Lucy of Attic 24, which came free with Simply Crochet.

I feel a bit more confident in my crochet skills these days so I was confident I could knock this little guy up in an evening. The wool that came with the kit wasn't the nicest wool (but hey it's free), but the little pattern did knock up super quickly.

Crochet bird

Crochet bird

I love all the little details on this guy, like the running stitch round his body, or the buttons on his wings. I'm sure he'll be super cute on my Christmas tree next year.

I think I did pretty well with this little guy. His tail and his beak are maybe a little squint, but making up the body pieces was very easy and he looks almost exactly like the photo!

This project is a step towards completing my New Year's List for 2015. You can check out my progress here.


  1. I have this kit but got no instructions with it. Do you know where I might get them?

  2. Hey! I think I have the pattern in my stash still. If you pop my your email address, or email me at wickedsister69(at)gmail(dot)com then I can pop it across to you if I dig it out!

  3. Hi I also didn't get the instructions for this cute lil guy in my secret Santa this year. I'd really appreciate a copy. Thanks.

  4. Hello
    I received this as a gift this Christmas however the package is missing the instructions. It's v cute so I'd love to be able to make one. I'd also really appreciate a copy if poss.


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