Owl Keyring

It was my sister in-law's birthday on Thursday, so we're off out for a Morrison family lunch today. Donald bought her a lovely crafty kit for her birthday, and I decided to make her a little owl keyring.

The kit I used was one I got free in Cross Stitcher but it was a total pain in the butt. You had to make it using soluble canvas on the felt, but the felt was super stiff and after I had stitched the eyes, I was quite bored to be honest. I decided rather than stitching the big belly, I would embroider my sister in-law's name instead, as it would look nicer and I wouldn't go insane/lose a finger!

Owl plushies

Owl plushies

I also tried doing the backstitch on the eyes, and really didn't like how it looked, so I just left it plain. AND my kit was missing the ribbon for the keyring! Ugh some free kits are just awful sometimes.

I do like how it turned out in the end though, as it does look quite cute, so I guess it all worked out.

This project is a step towards completing my New Year's List for 2015. You can check out my progress here.

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