Instagram Phone Case

February 06, 2015
I love Instagram. It was one of the apps I was most excited about being able to use back when I got my first iPhone, and it's definitely one I use the most right now. My account is a mix of crafting and selfies, and I love seeing all the other amazing creative things that people I follow on there make.

I saw this amazing (and free) pattern for an little Instagram inspired phone case a while back, and it's been waiting on my Pinterest account for the right time to make it. I had all the right colours of wool so it was just a matter of making the time. I made it one evening last month, and was pretty over the moon about the results.

Instagram phone case

Instagram phone case

Instagram phone case

I used slightly chunkier wool than the suggested which I had left over from making Ewok hoods, but I used the same hooks sizes as the pattern. Because my wool was a big bigger, it meant I didn't need to do as many rows as the pattern, so I just judged by eye as to when I would swap to the darker brown and when I would finish it.

I don't know if I was being totally dense, but I couldn't see instructions for adding the brown edging around the lens frame, so I just did a row of double crochets and hoped it was right. I'm really happy it fits my phone. I actually have a rubber owl shaped case on my iPhone to protect the back, and it fits even over that. Definitely feel safer with it rolling around in my handbag now.

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