Granny Tissue Box Cover

February 25, 2015
Guys! I have a confession to make. Something I just realised today. I think I've been triple crocheting wrong. For how long, I could not tell you. I know I was taught how to do it properly in a class, but somewhere along the way I seem to have gone wrong.

I was watching a tutorial video on Twinkie Chan's blog the other day, and realised that her way of doing it (the complete correct way I might add) had a step less than mine. Of course, now I'm thinking about it so much, I'm not sure how much I've been doing it wrong! Do I do it all the time, or have I just done it recently, and now this way is stuck in my head as the right way? Or have I done it the right way all the time and I'm just being daft?

Basically after you've done yarn over and pulled the wool through your work, I think I've been doing yarn over pull through one, and then yarn over pull through two twice. Obviously you don't need to do the pull through one, as it still leaves you with three loops on the hook, so all you're doing is making your stitch longer.

None of my crochet looks wrong (I don't think), but it perhaps just has longer stitches than it should have. I'm glad I'm not halfway through anything just now, and I can just make sure I start doing it right from now on!

Now on to the thing I made (possibly with the wrong stitches, but I'm honestly having a mind melt about how I ever do a treble!).

Sometimes while browsing Pinterest, I see something so cute that it automatically get added to my "If I had the time" board. This is a private board (because I doubt people are bothered and I delete stuff from it once I've made it) where I keep all the things I eventually want to get around to making.

The other day I stumbled across this cute granny tissue box cover (free to download on Ravelry) and decided to whip it up. We have tissues on our coffee table all the time, and usually buy the square box kind anyway, so this was perfect.

Tissue box cover

Tissue box cover

Tissue box cover

Tissue box cover

Tissue box cover

I chose these nice green and grey colours I used in my Nordic Shawl, but decided to brighten them up a bit buy using this neon orange/pink wool I have for the opening.

I had adapt the pattern slightly as I was worried it was a little baggy on the box I was making it for. I did a couple of rows with row chains in between the treble groups, and then the last few with only two trebles instead of three. Finally I did a row of single crochets in the bright pink I started the first two rounds with, instead of the bow method mentioned in the pattern, as I was worried about it sitting flat. I like that I feel confident enough with crocheting now to just change things up a bit in order to make the finished object work better for me.

I think it turned out super cute, and just brightens up our coffee table a little, which is never a bad thing.

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