Sketch a Day 2014 Update - December

January 04, 2015
Last year I decided I was going to do a sketch a day challenge. Today is my last post about it, because it's actually finished!

I wanted to do it as a way to get me back into drawing on the regular, as I thought that would be a good way to get my creative juices flowing, and make me want to draw bigger pieces instead of just crafting all the time. I love drawing but I never seem to consciously make the time for it, which is annoying. However, as I said in my last post, it just seemed to take away all my desire to draw (and that was even with doing very lazy and fast sketches on a lot of days!) and the bigger pieces never happened.

I'm not sad I did it, as it was definitely an experience, but coming up with something to draw (and finding the energy to do it between other things) was very tough. I know most of them were a quick 5 minute sketch, but it did seem to drag a little as the challenge came to an end.

So here are my last month of drawings, and this year I will be aiming to do bigger pieces each month, because art is definitely one of my favourite hobbies, but slotting it in between all my other crafting is sometimes hard! If you want to check out all my sketch a day posts from the year, you can see them all here! And as ever, if I've copied any drawings, links to the orignials are included below!

December Sketch a day update

December Sketch a day update
Adventure Time Princesses.
Japanese drawings.

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