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January 02, 2015
Another year and another list of things I'd like to challenge myself to do. I'm not calling them resolutions this time, because they're not. They're just a list of things I'd like to complete before the end of the year. I pretty much started my blog to keep track of the goal I had set myself for the year, and I've done a list every year apart from 2013, where I just focussed on using up as many crafty supplies as possible.

Last year I had a quite loose list of things I would like to do, and I'm not sure how well I did really. I didn't want a definite list, as I didn't want the pressure of having specific thing to do, but I honestly think not staying focussed just meant I forgot all about them!  I took a few months off from blogging near the end of the year, which meant I wasn't really thinking about them, but let's have a look at last year's list.

1. Use my art supplies. Nope! I literally haven't drawn at all apart from my sketch a day challenge! I'm quite sad about this, as my sketch a day was supposed to be getting me more in the drawing mood so I would do more bigger pieces, but it just seems to have zapped all my drawing energy (which is ridiculous because they are literally 5 minutes sketches, usually done with a biro). 
2. Learn to play my keyboard. Again no. I actually totally forgot about this one. I remember one night me and Donald had a go at learning a song or two on it, but that was ages ago. This won't be on my list this year, but I do want to make the time for it. 
3. Purge myself of free craft kits. I have been doing quite well at this, but there are still loads left! 
4. Try and watch all the DVDS I own but haven't seen. Actually made a real effort on this one, but I still have a massive David Attenborough box set to work through. 
5. Try and read all the books I own but haven't read. Again, real effort made. I went over my aim of 50 books for the year, but I still have loads of books to read. I need to stop buying books!

So let's move on to this year's list! 

1. Start my embroidery duvet. You can read more about this here! I am so excited to get started on this project! I don't want to say I'll finish this in a year, because I probably won't, but I want to make a good start on it. 
2. Make socks x2. I have the pattern and supplies for a pair of knitted and crochet socks, and I want to make them! Socks give me the fear, as they seem really hard, but I want to at least make a couple of pairs in my life.
3. Knit my diamond jumper. I bought the wool for a lovely pattern for a diamond jumper from Mollie Makes, but have had the total fear about starting it. I tried to knit my Pansy Knit Tee kit to get over the fear, but I didn't manage it! I need to just jump in! 
4. Draw something big once a month. By big I mean not a quick sketch like I've been doing. Something proper, using my lovely art supplies. I have stuff I've never touched, that I want to try. I might try and use a different medium every month, or at least mix them up so I don't stick to my usual tools of the trade. 
5. Bake once a month. I did this a couple of years ago, and really liked it. I like baking and want to try more things, but never make the time for it/worry we'll get fat if I bake all the time!
6. Clear my free kits. I have been trying to do this for quite some time, but as I wasn't subscribed to any craft magazines for most of last year, there wasn't much added to the backlog. I've written a massive list of all the kits I have, and I plan to work through them so I can spread them over the year.
7. Finish my wedding scrapbook. I got married in April. Almost a year already really! I was quite good at keeping up with my scrapbook before the actual day, but I saved so much stuff from the actual wedding I just can't bring myself to sit down and start it. But it needs done! I also need to sort all the wedding cards we got into some sort of display, perhaps similar to our engagement cards.
8. Use my sewing machine once a month. Another fear I need to get over, my sewing machine! I really want to branch out skills wise and get a handle on using my sewing machine. It doesn't have to be a big project, I just want to use it (and clear it properly) once a month. 
9. Fill my Smashbook once a month. Another Smashbook one. I have a folder of stuff to collect for my book, but I keep forgetting to empty it. I want to empty it at least once a month (if there is stuff in there) so I don't get a huge backlog! 
10. Read 50 books. I basically aim to do this every year, and I've done it for the last three years in a row! I love reading and it's nice to set a goal and make sure I dedicate the time to one of my favourite hobbies. You can check out my progress on the Goodreads widgets on my sidebar!

So here we go 2015! I'll be keeping track of my list here if you fancy checking out how I'm getting on!

Also with it being New Year's, I tarted up my planner a bit this year to make it more colourful!

Just jazzed up my filo fax. Added pictures to the dividers, front and back, as well as some handy post its on the first page. #Filofax
Just jazzed up my filo fax. Added pictures to the dividers, front and back, as well as some handy post its on the first page. #Filofax

I used some pictures I had snipped from magazines, washi tape, and cute little cards I had lying around (some from the Lucky Dip Club boxes). I also popped a cute gift tag from my #PaperHaul box on the binder rings, and attached some sticky notes to the front page. I really like how it looks, and it'll be fun to swap bits out every year, or keep the bits I love! Anything to make my stationery prettier!

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