Christmas Presents - My Mum

January 09, 2015
This year I made a lot more Christmas presents than usual. Or maybe it just felt like it! I think I did not too badly at spreading them out over a the couple of months leading up to Christmas, but there was a still a bit of a rush at the end to get things finished! I thought I would split my Christmas present posts into different gifts for different people so it wasn't one massive post.

So first up, we have my mum's present.

I decided to make my mum some fingerless gloves using a pattern I had made before Let's Get Crafting Knitting & Crochet. I made my set using the free wool that came with the magazine, but I wanted to make my mum some extra pretty ones. I used a combo from the colours I'm currently using to crochet my Nordic shawl, which I thought were really cute together.

Stripey mitts

Stripey mitts

Stripey mitts

I actually had a bit of a disaster with these gloves, as I knitted the first one fine, and then knitted the second one on 5mm instead of 4mm by mistake! If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen the stressing at the time, but it not, here's the photo!

Managed to knit my second glove on 5mms instead of the 4mm I knitted the first one on! ARGHH!!!!!! #knitting

Frogged! Let's try again eh? #knitting
One extreme frogging and re-knitting session later, I had two gloves the same size. I love the colour combo,and I did consider knitting myself a matching pair to go with my shawl but I wasn't sure I would have enough wool, so it might happen in the future!


  1. I love the colours you chose, they look great! I'm glad you were able the salvage the second one ^___^

  2. Thanks! I was so annoyed when I realised it! But I did manage to knit the 3rd one up pretty quickly so it was good for my skills ha ha.


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