Christmas Presents - My Family

For today's post, I'll be showing off the presents I made my Gran, auntie and uncle.

First up my Gran. I decided to make her this little lavender coaster kit I bought myself a while ago. I really like the colours in this, but all that backstitch was a bit of a pain!

Lavender coaster kit

I also decided to make her a nice wee set of hand warmers, which I got the pattern for on Wild Olive. I've actually made a set of these before for Secret Santa in 2012, so I knew they were very easy to knock up.

Christmas hand warmers

Christmas hand warmers

I opted for some glitter felt to make them look nice and festive, instead of embroidering a pattern on them. I also included some instructions on how to heat them.

Christmas hand warmers

For my auntie and uncle, I made this cute little highland cow magnet kit, which again was a kit I bought a while ago.

Highland cow cross stitch

He's super cute and was very fast to finish. Sometimes it's nice to knock up a little kit after I've been doing a lot of bigger pieces or massive knitted things!

Finally I made a set of two pot holders/oven pads from the leftover cotton yarn I had from my Beta Knit kit. I had so much left because I needed an extra ball to finish the last few rows of my tee, so I thought this would be a good project to use up the rest of it.

One is slightly smaller than the other, but I thoguht this gave them a cute set look. I used a granny square pattern from the Simply Crochet granny square app (I think it was Doris), as I wanted quite a tight granny square with not too many holes in it (to avoid burning hands!). I just added a few more rounds before the single crochet round to make them bigger, and then made a loop of chains to make a hanging loop on one corner. I also included some instructions with this to say they wouldn't melt and they were fine to wash!

Cotton hot pads

Phew! Even splitting my Christmas presents up, that was still quite a lot of one post. It was super fun doing lots of different crafts this year though, as last year all I seemed to do was crochet!

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