#PaperHaul box

December 12, 2014
A little while ago, you might have started seeing crypric type tweets on the Crafty Creatives Twitter account about something called #PaperHaul. It turns out #PaperHaul is a similar monthly subscription box to the Crafty Creatives box, but is all based around lovely paper products and sexy snail mail supplies.

The lovely ladies at #PaperHaul asked if I would be interested in seeing what their new subscription box was all about, and I jumped at the chance. I bought myself a one-off Crafty Creative box a couple of years ago, and was really impressed by it, so I was excited to see what they had on offer.

#paperhaul box

#paperhaul box

The piece of card on top of the box asked you to describe the theme of this month's box. I chose "far flung" (though I'm not sure if that's an adjective) because everything this month is travel themed! So let's take a look at what's inside.

Two very cute greetings cards. I'll be saving these for a special occasion.

#paperhaul box

Three very lovely postcards, three brown paper tags, and some vehicle print washi tape. I really love the little tags, and that backpack postcard is just gorgeous.

#paperhaul box

A sheet of travel themed stickers, and two pieces of double sided travel paper.

#paperhaul box

I really like everything in this box, and it's nice to get a mix of paper products I might not usually buy for myself. I don't have a lot of travel themed items as I tend to be a bit of homebody, but I know they'll be good for making things for other people, or just decorating bits and pieces.

I'm still unsure if I would subscribe to #PaperHaul every month. Purely because the amount of crafty supplies I own is pretty ridiculous, and adding to it every month might be a bad idea, especially when we're thinking of moving house soon! Less to move is always good!

If you're interested in signing up to #PaperHaul though I would definitely recommend it. Everything is lovely quality, and who doesn't love getting a little treat through the door every month? You can find all the details for signing up for boxes on their website, with boxes costing £10 per month.

I'm really excited to see what future themes for the boxes will be, so I will be keeping an eye on their social media accounts for a sneak peak!

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