Granny Square a Week 25-28

December 26, 2014
It seemed like the Simply Crochet Granny Square app didn't update for ages, and then it suddenly came back to life. They definitely don't post every week though, which is a little annoying, but if they did, I can only image how many granny squares I would have to make! I finished these off in December, in-between huge attacks of Christmas crafting.

Granny square a week

I should start by saying that my camera HATED this neon peachy pinky wool I was using, and the photos don't look the best. I tried taking them a number of times and it always came out the same way, so I'm sorry if they offend your eyes with their odd colour-ness.

Granny Constance.

Granny square a week

I had the most trouble with this square I've had so far. The pattern called for a stitch called a 2-dtr cluster, however it didn't tell you how to do it under the special abbreviations section. This usually means they've used it before in one of the other grannies, but when I looked I could only find it in an American version of the pattern and the one I was working on was the UK version. I wasn't sure if these would be the same, because usually UK and US terms are different, so I Googled it, hopefully used a UK version (though I think it actually ended up being the same as the US version from the app), and was done. However, it still doesn't look quite right compared to the picture, but I'm not sure if that's because I used up a tiny bit of sport weight yarn I had left, and that's made things a bit squint.

Granny Ellen.

Granny square a week

The middle of this one is a bit squint (again due to the use of the sport weight yarn I think), but I really like everything else about it. However, with 8 rounds per square, and most of them ending up quite small, I'm not sure it's one I would be making loads of to make something like a blanket.

Granny Valerie.

Granny square a week

This one is very cool, and has very few rounds so it was quick to make. I love how it turned out, and it would be a great stash buster as that last round eats a lot of yarn!

Granny Thelma.

Granny square a week

Again, this one made a super cool shape, and wasn't as complicated as the first square of this lot! This also eats a lot of yarn, but was super quick to do as it loads of huge stitches.

While I was Googling for that weirdo stitch, I did come across a few people complaining about the Simply Crochet app. A lot of the pictures they upload to show off the pattern are actually done wrong, which a lot of people on their Facebook seem less than happy about. Whoops!

My main issue this time was the inclusion of the special stitches. I would classify special stitches or abbreviations as something I wouldn't really know offhand (like a double or treble), and would expect them to be included every time. Some stitches I do recognise from previous patterns, but I still have to Google them as I can't remember them from last time I used them. I basically just want it all handed to me, and to make sure I'm using the proper stitch they are telling me to use! It doesn't matter too much with these ones, as I'm just making them for fun (and have no idea what I'll do with them after) but if I was making a blanket or something, it would be even more annoying!

Have you been using the Simply Crochet Granny a Week app? How's your experience been?

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