815 - Tumblr-ing Around

August 26, 2014
Blogging. It's a funny old world eh? I feel weird about it a lot of the time. I either feel like I don't have enough to blog about and I worry about the scheduling, or I have too much to post about (like right now) and I'm dying to post about them but I want to try and only post once a week to keep things regularly. Or I feel like I'm not posting enough, so I try things out, like my Makeshift Monday posts to keep the blog populated.

I read this post the other day by Miss Jojangles (a blog I had sadly only just discovered) and it sort of struck a chord with me.

I want to be able to blog whenever I want to. I want to post lots of progress shots as I go along instead of saving them all for a blog post I'll write in a few weeks. I want to post things up instantly, and not have to be attached to my computer to do it. I really want to delve into the crafty community, and I'm not always sure my blog does that.

So I've decided to take a step back from Blogger and move to Tumblr! It's instant, and more about the pictures than the words, which is really what I'm going for. I'll still be posting on my Facebook page as well, and I may come back to my blogger one day, but I think just now, I definitely want to focus more on just the crafting, and not worry about the rest of it.

So if you would like to still follow me, here's where I'll be most active, which would be lovely, because I love everyone who's ever read a post, commented, or sent me an email!


Peace out!

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