813 - Let It Go

Now I have to say, I am a massive Disney fan. I have pretty much all the films, a ton of Disney clothing, and I even have The Little Mermaid tattooed on my thigh, but I have yet to see Frozen. Does this make me a bad Disney fan?

Anyway my friend Tiny is a big Frozen fan, so for her birthday I decided to make her a little Frozen themed gift, and a little something extra.

Pinterest is just FULL of Frozen crafts right now. It's clear it's mega popular. I search for some perler bead patterns, and eventually went with this one because they looked like a good size.

Frozen perler beads

I also decided to make a little felt bird keyring kit from Mollie Makes to go in with the Frozen goodies.

Bird Keyring

He's quite cute huh? And took about the same time as one episode of Made In Chelsea to complete. I do love a nice, quick, crafty project.

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